RGI Inc  manufactures custom valves to customer specifications.
We have been manufacturing 
MS28889-2 air charging valves since 1977. We make many custom valves  and modified versions of MS28889-2
 and M6164-2 to suit your needs.
RGI manufactures hydraulic and pneumatic products for the military and aerospace industries. 

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For more than 40 years we have been providing  quality products to the Military and aerospace industries. We provide a complete state of the art  manufacturing and test facility to manufacture, assemble and test our products. 

​MS28889-2 High Pressure Air Charging Valves
Modified Air Charging Valves
​Pump PN 10863692
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​Accumulator Valves
Design and Engineering
Since 1977 RGI Inc. has been manufacturing Valves, Pumps, Manifolds and other Hydraulic and Pneumatic products  for the United States Department of Defense and other companies that include Lockheed, Boeing, Honeywell, BAE and many others for Military and Aerospace Industries.
RGI Inc.
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​     MS28889-2  and   M6164-2  Air Charging Valves 
​                   Accumulator Valves High Pressure
                        Fuel Pump PN 10863692