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With over 45 years of experience in military manufacturing and engineering projects, we have solutions for all of your project requirements. Here are some highlights of recent projects we have worked on:

RGI INC has supplied Valves,  Pumps,  Manifolds and other Hydraulic and Pneumatic products for the following systems:

-F16 Fighter Jet
-C130 Hercules
-B52 Bomber
-B1 Bomber
-B2 Bomber
-Blackhawk Attack Helicopter
-M1 Abrams Tank
-M109 155MM Paladin Mobile Howitzer
-M198 155MM Towed Howitzer
-M60 Tank system
-Stinger Missile system
-AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile system
-Patriot Missile system
-Hawk Missile system
-Aircraft Carrier Launch and Recovery system 
-Submarine systems

Many other Military and commercial systems.

RGI INC is on all Major Weapon Systems used by the United States Department of Defense.
​     MS28889-2  and   M6164-2  Air Charging Valves           NSN  4820-00-535-6483